eco tourism

bird watching

In the lagoons of Cucunuba and Fúquene, or in the páramo sectors, a great variety of native and migratory birds can be observed, which look for these places for their reproduction, generating a wonderful possibility of being pleased observing these wonderful beings.

Our plan begins upon the arrival of the municipality of Fúquene, with the chek in in the agritourism granaja, we then make a low level walk, along the banks of the Ubaté river. In the evening a bonfire in the heat of the stories, myths and history of our region. The next day very early, before the sun rises, we leave for the Laguna de Fúquene, or Páramo according to the client’s request, there an expert bird informant will show us, one of the wonders of creation, our birds full of color and songs that cheer the soul. And finally we will have an afternoon of craft shopping.


Duration: 2 day - 1 night


Experiential camps are an alternative for learning, where the protagonism of the participants is the center of the activities, we discover our own potential and establish new connections with the people around us daily, they give us the opportunity to work, create, in middle of a native environment of almost spiritual connection with nature.

We begin with the meeting and the beginning of the walk, where our motto is “the destination is the way”, lunch in progress, already in the afternoon and when arriving at our place of accommodation, which can be in hotel or camping, as required the client’s. There are activities at night, according to the programmed objectives. Already in the morning and after a breakfast full of energy, we are ready to carry out the activities of teamwork, conflict management, trust, all this transverse to sport, adventure, instruction, outdoors.


Duration: 3 days - 2 night


We cross paths of the Muisca ancestors added to the interaction with forests of native flora and intertwined with ancestral stories, make the travel experience very pleasant and recharging vitality.

Activity:  Nature Walk
Time:  7 Hours
Walk level:  Intermediate
Route:  7 Km


Does not include drinks not included in the plan, tips, transportation to and from Bogotá

RECOMMENDATIONS: Sports shoes, cap, sunscreen, water, warm clothes for possible cold, raincoat, prescription medications – notify the guide of your health condition. Do not show up while intoxicated or bring alcoholic or hallucinogenic drinks.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: People with some type of respiratory difficulty, mobility; pos operative; with heart disease; Children under 5 years and over 70 years with sedentary lifestyle.